Gatsie.. and such Revised and revived

A few years ago I made these cartoons with Pixton about a girl named Gatsie and her friends. But then I got bored with it and too busy with other things.

But now, a few years later, I figure to give it another go. I’ve given the characters a face-lift and the story itself could use some polishing too. The entire comic will be posted on another wordpress blog, titled “Gatsie.. and Such”. My hopes is to be posting new webisodes every Monday, starting upcoming May 4th 2015.

Feel free to go check it out and subscribe.


Deformed Super Heroes


So you’re bored and you scroll around the world wide web, looking for something to tickle your funny bones. And that’s when you stumble upon the thousands of meme’s and comics of The Amazing Spiderman. The funny kind. The ones that molested many childhood memories.

Amazing Spiderman funnies such as these:

And when you’ve googled for funny Spiderman stuff, you’ll also stumble upon Spoderman, Spiderman’s special twin brother. With lots of swag.  I for one cannot help but pee myself whenever I stumble upon a Spoderman comic. Spoderman can also be found on twitter: @spodermenpls. His tweets are hysterical.

There are more deformed Super Hero twins, aside from Spoderman. There’s Gooby, Dolan, Dedpul and many more. A few people even thought it’d be better and more fun to make a website with a complete collection of Dolan Comics and the likes. Find it here.

[This version was brilliantly crafted by CallumDarbyshire]

All of them are hysterical. But, they all appear to be male. The only female deformed cartoon hero I have seen so far is Dolan’s girlfriend. But maybe I haven’t googled enough, so do feel free to correct me on this.

In the meantime, I could not help but try to make my own special cartoon hero. And so I felt it was time to create Batwoman’s better version:


How do you like?

4 brilliant and refreshing tips to get back to work


Back to Work course

Since about a few weeks ago I’ve been forced to enroll another “Back To Work” course set up by the government. This course is supposed to help unemployed people; by empowering them with new tactics and modern approaches to find a job in today’s world of drama.

“Great!” I thought at first. In the hopes to actually learn something new… But I should’ve known better. They use young fresh-out-of-college snobs to teach the jobless how to find a job. Because obviously, a snobby college brat “has all the know-how” to help someone with a complex problem who therefor ended up living on welfare.

I’m talking about people in welfare:

  • Who got fired because they got “too old”,
  • Who got fired, because the company had to shut down
  • Who had to file bankruptcy over their own family business
  • Unlucky ones with all sorts of family drama plus financial, mental and other problems

Not saying all college brats have lived a privileged life. I’m just ranting over the college brats I’ve encountered personally, with a horrible attitude problem and with no emphatic ability what-so-ever. Yet, these kids get to work in positions where they are supposed to “help” people. These kids get to decide whether someone deserves to stay in welfare yes-or-no, based on whether these people participate in every activity they come up with. Like a “Back to Work” course, for instance. With the most “brilliant” tips to get look for a job.

Typical  usual tips for the unemployed 

Here are 4 tips that I’ve gotten from the course so far, that are supposed to help you find a job. According to the college brat that gives the “Back to Work” course, anyway….

nr 1:


nr 2:


nr 3:


nr 4:


Some of these tips might actually work to find a job. I unfortunately haven’t been that lucky yet. But hey, maybe it works for someone else?

Have you got some interesting tips when it comes to looking for a job? Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences in the comment section! Thank you, have a good day!

Can I plz unsubscribe from the drama-o-rama-for-life trial?


I know the following is anything but a Christian-like statement. But for some reason I couldn’t help myself and had the following conversation with a customer service agent this morning, after receiving a letter about my welfare being cut in half.

“Do you enjoy pushing people to the limit, to the point they will commit suicide? Because I’m one step closer to the edge and I’m about the jump 10 floors down right now…”

Living on welfare in the land of wooden shoes is drastically changing. It was never a “dream life” to begin with and they are now making it even worse. There’s a new law that says that when you share a household with someone, regardless what their income might be, that the government has the right cut your welfare in half.  Which seems logical, if you share your household with someone who actually has a decent income.

But they already giving me less than normal to begin with, because I have a roommate. I used to do with about a rough 700 bucks a month. That’s without deducting expenses such as rent, mandatory health care, a pile of debts that I’m still paying off from the time when I had my own shop and so on. But now the government has decided that in 2 months I will have to see to survive with 350 a month. I can’t even afford the rent with that amount of money!

It’s ridiculous. The government thinks that the other person will just pay your expenses for you. If the person I share my household with, had that kind of money, this could be doable. But that is not the case. My roommate is broke as fudge just like I am. A senior, who worked her ass off for this country, paid taxes only to be getting less what she deserves for a pension from the state. Her income was already cut in half, because “Older people don’t need that much to live with”.  And now with my income being cut in half, we will be even broker than broke fudges in a few months from now.

Jesus said to give the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor and to give to God what is God’s. But I have no dime to spend left to even be able to go to church and do all the activities I used to do. I simply can’t afford the trip anymore. Those 350 bucks will be going straight to rent and health care and food for my furry fur balls, and that’ll be all I can afford to pay.

* sigh*

I’m in need of a miracle really bad :( I really need to find a job. And by God, for months and months I’ve been spamming job agencies, relatives and close friends with the question if they might have or know of a job somewhere for me. So far no luck. Lots of “Sure, we’ll let you know when we have anything” and “Sorry, we already have someone for the job.”

Maybe I should just go out there and rob a bank?

tumblr_m57wrmDwlY1qh5d8ko1_500Forever broke, forever jobless, forever alone and forever a loser seems to the ongoing joke that fudges my life like a bad soap opera. I’m sure there’s light somewhere at the end of the tunnel, but right now it just feels like one big fugde-the-loser-up rollercoaster ride.

This crap just keeps piling up. I never ordered any more drama from, I never signed up for that! Can’t I just send all the drama and crap back to wherever it came from?

Canceling a subscription to the gym is a lot easier than canceling a subscription to drama-o-rama-for-life, so it seems…

You know what? Fudge this day. Screw it all.

My anti-zit “basics” for day and night

Hiya lurking lurkers. Wazzap?

The other day a bunch of friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen for a while asked me how I managed to clear up my skin.

I’ve been going through puberty all over again ever since I  was slowly approaching the big 3.0. The funny thing is that when I was an actual teenager, I never had any skin problems. I wasn’t much of a make-up fanatic either, mainly because I wasn’t gifted with the art of applying make-up properly… Without looking like a cross dresser or a street walker. I figured I didn’t need make-up to look or feel good about myself. Aside from some eyeliner and a lipstick maybe.

Then one day I woke up one morning when I was in my late 20’s to discover my zitface in the mirror. The horror… So then I went to see a dermatologist, who gave me medication for it. It was quite expensive, but after quite a few months it  seemed to help. But as soon as I stopped with the medication, the zits would come back.

I’ve read several websites and books, asked around in the Indonesian community for homeopathic treatments, spoken several other so-called specialists about what could cause the sudden appearance of these zits. And better yet, how to get rid of them. Some of the stories I stumbled upon were quite contradicting. Some say it had to do with the food I ate, others say food and zits have no connection at all. Besides, I love cheese and chocolate and bacon and fried chicken and fries with mayonnaise and… I just can’t skip those. So then what?

Well… After checking out several Youtube tutorials and trying all sorts anti-zit cremes and make-up products, I found these basic things really do the trick for me [seen in the image below this yada-yada]. I’ve enlisted just the basic routine. And didn’t put the Maybelline’s Fit-Me Anti-Shine Foundation Stick in there, a product I totally adore… But they stopped selling it since a few weeks :( I miss them so much :(

My favorite Make-Up Tutorials by the way is from the ever so darling Wayne Goss. He has had a problem with acne as well and has some wonderful tips how to cover it up. And he has other wonderful tips on how to apply the make-up, even if you’re an unhandy spazz like yours truly.

Side notes:

  • The Daro trekzalf listed in the image below is a tarry ointment which can’t be combined with other ointments and it is advised to avoid sunlight when you put it on your face. I usually apply it at night when I go to bed….
  • Make sure your skin is clean before applying any of the products.
  • I don’t claim these products will provide full coverage for everyone. They’ve done the trick for me and they might do the same for you.

Anti-Zit Routine

Making it look easy


Well hello my darling lurking lurkers, how are you doing? I am doing quite swell. The weather is nice and sunny here in the land of wooden shoes.

Last week I was trying to reset my brain from the negative experience I had at 2nd Easter Celebration at the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. Instead I focused on the upcoming weekend, in which we had another festivity to cater the church-goers. For on Saturday, one of our Indonesian pastors from Manado would celebrate his birthday, along with about 300 of his guests in my Indonesian church in Amsterdam. And then on Sunday we’d have our “regular” service scheduled.

I always thought that when you want to plan a big event, it was best to prepare oneself months ahead. This way you avoid stressing out and you can also create a back-up plan just in case things don’t go as they were planned originally. But these Indonesian church people don’t plan a month ahead. They prefer to call you 3 days before the big event takes place and to then arrange a set list that consists out of praise and worship songs suited for a birthday service, a program filled with guest appearances by all sorts of singers, along with some graphics to present all of this to the crowd in the form of Powerpoint Slides and some  promotional graphics that could be liked-and-shared throughout social media. This, while also having to provide almost similar things for the Sunday service.

Which shouldn’t be much of a problem, if people wouldn’t be on your case every hour of the next days. Calling me at 2AM in the morning before the band gets together to practice, because they had just come up with yet another song they would like to hear during the Birthday service. The only day the music team could get together to practice for both events on Saturday and Sunday, was on Friday. Luckily most of the songs we’ve played before.

baghwomeanWe would be singing with 5 vocalists this time, all dressed in unison in an outfit we had worn during Easter last week. A handmade dress with a strange yellow cape sown onto it. With high heels. I personally wasn’t too fond of it. But the old lady who made the outfits for us was so proud when she saw us with Easter. And the pastor who had his birthday really liked the outfits too. So, for them we agreed to look like Batwoman’s sickly sisters for one more day.

We also agreed with everyone to gather earlier than we usually do at the church. So we could take the time we needed to prepare the dining hall and the congregational seating area. Once we got there, my sibling and I helped the tech-guy with installing necessary machinery for the service. Machinery such as a computer and a projector, sound-systems and microphones, and so on.

Eventually all band members were present and all were plugged in. We had done a sound check, despite the fact that there were still 3 singers missing. Later I discovered those 3 singers were having chit-chat downstairs in the dining hall with a cup of coffee… While we were already running 15 minutes late. But 15 minutes late is not late in Indonesian terms. The act of showing up or starting up late, known as being “jam karet” in Bahasa Indonesia, is completely normal.

cloudybitstripBy the time the entire music team was present on the stage and the church guests were seated, we still hadn’t appointed a Worship Leader. But that didn’t matter. The pastor looked at us and nodded that we needed to start the service. Our keyboardist began playing the first notes of the opening song, while one of us singers asked for the congregation to stand up and sing with us. The rest of the songs we did went by like a dream. Every singer did the lead in 1 or 2 of the 6 sings we sang during the service. Followed with the Word of God brought by a guest speaker.

And then it was time for the second part of the Birthday service: Performances by all sorts of singers. But who would present those acts? Well, after some confusion I decided to just present the acts myself after act 4. Act 4 was a surprise performance by myself and 2 other ladies from my church. There were 7 acts in total, with the last act being our church’s own choir. And after that, we allowed the birthday boy to have some stage time of his own. He was swallowing his tears of joy, thanking God and everyone who made that day possible. He ended his speech in a song.

Just when he had finished his last notes and wanted to return to his seat, accompanied by cheering and applause from the crowd, I stopped him and asked him in front of the whole church to join us in singing the final song of the service together. With tears in his eyes he nodded and together we sang the last song.

The Birthday service was over. The next section of the party would continue downstairs in the dining hall, with loads of food and an open mic.

Lots of people complimented us about how well organized the celebration was. How they had enjoyed the entire service and how well the band sounded. I guess we are blessed that we have such gifted musicians in our team, who are able to memorize a song in just a day. And how we can just put on a big old smile, despite the fact we don’t know what we are doing. Just as long as it looks like we know what we’re doing to those on the outside, it’s all good. All glory to God.

And the next day we could do it all over again. But you know what? It’s getting less stressful to do all of these things in a short period of time. In fact: It was fun to get the job done in such a short period of time. It was mad good. I love doing this and hope to be doing this for the rest of my life, God willing :D

That’ll be all. Good day lurkers!