The longest playlist on Spotify? Part 2


Hello my lurking lurkers,

I’m not much of a fan of Taylor Swift. I don’t hate her, I’m just not into it. But as I was scrolling down the interwebs looking for the longest Spotify playlist ever, somehow I managed to stumble upon several articles about Taylor Swift pulling her music off Spotify.

“Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for. It’s my opinion that music should not be free.” – Taylor Swift

Music is art, I agree on that. Art is indeed important and valuable. Music can touch the hearts of people. It can save lives. Music is so powerful and so valuable, that it is too precious to put a pricetag on.

It is my opinion that music should be accessible to anyone. I do not see a problem in sharing music for free. Especially not, when a musician can earn money from the concerts they give, merchandize they sell and the several products they sponsor. Then again, I’m te kind of hippie that also thinks food and medication should be accesible to anyone.

The only people who will suffer when a musician decides to make their music less accessible, isn’t the people behind Spotify, or any other similar product. It’s the music fan who suffers. Isn’t the reason why musicians claim to make their music, their fans…?

Oh well. Everyone their thing. I never intended to listen to Taylor Swift and if her music isn’t on Spotify, then that’s fine by me. I couldn’t give a shizzle. There’s much more interesting music to be found on Spotify anyway.

I guess you could say that I’m quite fond of Spotify. I have the app on my smartphone so that i can listen to my favorite tunes while I’m on the road. Of course the app is also installed on my laptop, so I have access to my favorite tunes at home [or wherever else I take my laptop]. Whenever I’m with a friend who doesn’t have Spotify, I will convince them to download it. Because who doesn’t like free music, right? 

Yes, I am fond of Spotify. There’s even a Spotify playlist of mine displayed on this very blogsite! You can see it on the right of the screen.

Another feature that I like about Spotify is the ability to see what people in your friendlist are listening to. It’s silly, but my forever alone heart skips a beat whenever I see that Mr. Shinoda is listening to a song on Spotify . He has a few interesting playlists himself. So do many other celebs, by the way.

About 3 years ago I’ve written a similar blogpost about my fondness towards Spotify as well. Feel free to read my other miserable attempt to blog about Spotify here. In that specific blogpost, I was wondering what the longest Spotify playlist was and whether there’s a slight possibility if it were me. Hense why I was scrolling the interwebs in search of the longest playlist on Spotify.

My longest playlist on Spotify, titled Gatsie’s Eclectic Audio Addiction, is currently 1591 tracks long and counting. It’s quite a lot, but it’s not nearly the longest Spotify playlist out there.

When I search google for the longest Spotify Playlist, I stumble upon Spotifyuser Kenny Eriksson’s account. His playlist contains almost 10.000 songs, varying from KISS to The Simpsons. It is quite an impressive collection, I must say. Just click the Spotify button and check it out yourself.

Some of my readers have commented about playlists containing 3000, 8000 and even 10.000 songs. I find this very interesting and intriguing. And so my question in this new blog entry is: What is your longest playlist on Spotify and would you like to share it?

Cute lil baby rabbit video

Saw this one pass by on youtube and had to share it. Here’s a video of a wild baby rabbit eating milk from the “bottle”. It reminds me of the days when my sweet little Mashimaro was just a little baby fluffball and I had to feed her the exact same way. Just look at the cuteness, isn’t it adorable?

Terrifying silly crushes


Hello dear lurking lurkers, how have you been? I’m alright. I just need to vent, that’s all. I need to vent about having a crush. For it is the most annoying feeling in the world.


It’s the story of my life, really. To want what I cannot have. I guess I just love to torment myself by craving for things that I simply shant and can’t touch.

What disturbs me the most about these crushes is that they just don’t seem to away. They linger on and on for years, like a chronic illness.


Celebrity crushes

There’s this ongoing tormenting crush I have on Linkin Park’s rapper. Those who have seen my Tumblr-account could only agree that it’s quite a sad obsession.  Relax! I am fully aware of how unrealistic the crush is. But you know what? The truth is that.. Well.. What it is though, in all honesty, is… That I find it quite comforting to know that there’s a nice “never-gonna-happen distance with a celebrity crush. It’s a lot safer to have a celebrity crush. As long as you remain aware of the fact that “never-gonna-happen” is the only road it’ll lead to, nobody gets hurt.

Gosh… Crushes are annoying. Especially the kind of crushes that just don’t seem to fade away. Oh my God, why do we have to have feelings and emotions? Just why? Feelings are annoying. Sometimes I wish I were emotionally dead. It would make life a whole lot easier.

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

A celebrity crush is harmless. But when it’s a crush on someone you actually meet every now and then, then it gets tricky. Especially, since I have the social skills of a spazzmic socially awkward penguin.


Old crushes

There’s this guy I’ve known since I was a kid whom I had a mayor crush on. Just looking at him made me weak in the knees. Whenever he’d speak to me, the butterflies in my stomach would go bananas. But I never had the guts to tell him what I felt, because he was a little older than I and he was already seeing someone. A few years later, he got married to that person and is still married to her to date. Married with children, even. They have lovely kids, really.

His wife acts as if she had a broom stuck in her ass, though. And I’m not saying that out of jealousy. She is obnoxious and stuck-up and can only be nice to you when you have something to offer. But some guys just like their women bitchy and uptight. In the end we all have our silly fetishes, I guess.

But to this day, there’s this weird vibe about us whenever we do meet every now and then during social events. He always greets me with the warmest smile and says things like “It’s always nice to see you”, and “Life’s always good after catching up with you”. I know he’s just saying that to be nice. But whenever he says stuff like that it still makes the butterflies in my stomach go bananas, while on the outside I just try to keep my cool. And I’ve always assumed I kept my cool just well enough. But maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe I look like the seal on the right during those moments, which could give it away that I’m either not-right-in-the-head or have a childish crush. Maybe he knows.

Why I think this? The moment his wife spots me near him, she makes sure to greet me also with a wide forced smile. For some reason, his wife somehow never really seemed to like me. Not when we were kids and now that we are older she greets me out of politeness, but whenever I say hi to her husband I can just feel her resentment towards me. It’s not like I would ever touch her man. I never dared to when we were teenagers and I certainly don’t dare to now. And to be honest, when I discovered he allows himself to be treated like a doormat, that was quite the turn off for me.


Terrifying crushes

But now I think I’ve gotten myself into yet another terrifying situation. Since quite recently, a new set of butterflies are flying in my stomach. I don’t want them there, but they are.

There’s this one guy, who I happen to know for quite a few years now. We hang out with a group of friends. We’ve never hung out with just the two of us. Whenever we do sit just with the two of us, there’s this weird and awkward chemistry going on. But maybe it’s just me, seeing things that aren’t there. It’s not like I want to see anything there. Really, I don’t. But for some reason I do.

There’s something really awkward and off about him. He sometimes says the most socially awkward things and I’m not sure whether he’s doing that because he is socially awkward or because he’s trying to be an asshole.

I have the urge to be a total bitch towards him, but I try my best not to. A guy who brings up feelings like that isn’t normal. There must be something wrong with him. Surely it is not I.

Other than that, he’s a nice guy with a good sense of humor. But that’s it. Nothing special.

What creeps me out the most, is that he is starting to appear in my dreams. Vivid yet pleasantly innocent dreams, that feel as real as the burning in my eyes after spending several hours staring at my laptop’s screen in the dark. I’ve shrugged it off, telling myself it’s ridiculous and probably because I’ve passed the 3.0 and my hormones are playing tricks on me. I’ve shrugged it off, because he clearly is not my type nor will he ever be and I’m sure I am not his type either. I shrug it off and keep my distance for a while, hoping that the next time I see him I won’t feel a thing.

But the moment he sends a text, my heart skips a beat and those wretched sickening butterflies are going bananas again. I find myself fighting the urge to ask him whether he’s home and if he’d enjoy a cup o’ tea with lil’ ol spazzmic me. I find myself going completely nuts on the inside, thanking God that I’m not around anyone who will notice.

I’m afraid that I’ve been developing a realistic crush…. A terrifying crush. But what am I so scared of? It’s not like I would have to let him know, or anyone else except for the few lurking eyes who pry this miserable excuse of a blog.

Maybe I should just avoid him for a little while longer. Just until I learn to keep my cool, until it’s gone. I just don’t know what to do with myself. *sigh* Having a crush is just too silly, terrifying and God-awful for words.

What I need is a nice big glass of wine and some Mr. Tumnus time.

Good day, my lurking lurkers.

And then there was just one


RIP Mashimaro :(

Last week, my dearest fluffy little friend Mashimaro died in my arms at the tender age of 7 years old. Right before her spirit left her little body, she kissed me one last time on my arm. It was quite an emotional experience. Every now and then, when I enter the living room and pass the empty spot where her cage used to stand, I swallow away a big lump of emotions. I miss her very much :(

It’s so weird to not have a rabbit sitting there in that spot of the living room. Mashimaro’s grandfather had his cage on that spot, and so did her father and then Mashimaro. It almost makes you not want to put yet another cage there.

And today we arranged her cremation. The people at the Pet Cemetary were very kind and understanding. There was a woman there who helped us filling in some forms and this other guy who worked there offered us coffee and tea. They asked us about Mashimaro and what kind of animal she was. The moment I told them that Mashimaro was hand fed as a baby and that she died in my arms, they too had to wipe away a tear. Some people who work in this field, where they are faced with animal cruelty and deaths, tend to become a bit cold. But it is nice to know the people who helped us at the Pet Cemetary today were warm, kind and in touch with their feelings.

After the cremation I went home. Droppie was sitting under her blanket in her room, Mashimaro’s little sister is now the only flufball in the house. I was a bit worried about her too, because the moment Mashimaro died, Droppie wasn’t eating right anymore. But the vet says it’s nothing physical, she’s not sick. The poor little rabbit just misses her sister.

Now, there’s just one. My mom and sibling suggested to place Droppie’s cage in the spot where Mashimaro’s cage used to be. But I just don’t know. Maybe in time I will. For now,


Droppie is so kawaii :3

Droppie scared me this morning, by the way. She has her own TV in her bedroom, because she likes watching the Comedy Central channel. I kid you not, she really does! So I had turned on her TV for her this morning too, gave her some food and then prepared myself some coffee.

While I was in the kitchen, I could suddenly hear a loud bang coming from Droppie’s room. With my heart in my throat, I rushed over there and in the first glance I couldn’t see her anywhere. I looked in her cage, her hide-out box and under the blankets until I finally her the sound of her little feet behind me. She managed to find her way behind the fence where her TV. The little rugrat bit right through the TV cables. Luckely she didn’t get hurt or anything!But I guess this means no more TV for her, though…


She sure is a hand full, that one. Let’s hope she won’t scare me anymore like this in the near future. I really hope Droppie will live at least a few more years!